Flood Recovery for Your Gas Fireplace, Logs

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Harvey hit the Houston area in ways that we never anticipated, and many Houstonians lost everything. We feel it is our duty as a company to warn you about the hidden dangers of not replacing your gas fireplace if it was flooded during this catastrophic natural disaster.

Have Your Gas Fireplace Inspected by Experts

Any heating system that was exposed to floodwaters should be professionally inspected, cleaned and reconditioned before reuse. It is essential to call in a certified chimney sweep to conduct a thorough chimney inspection of your fireplace box and chimney for damage to masonry, mortar and flue components.

It is possible that the floodwater may have damaged your heating equipment and compromised your chimney’s functionality. If cracks or leaks are not repaired or replaced as necessary for safety, your family and home are at risk of carbon-monoxide poisoning or fire.

At Westside Grill and Fireplace, we are dedicated to the safety of your dwelling and the people inside. Our professionals are able to inspect your fireplace to determine the best course of action moving forward. Please contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Replace Gas Logs

During substantial flooding like Houston experienced during Harvey, water and pieces of debris can seep into your gas burner and clog valves and into your porous ceramic logs. If you turn on your fireplace after experiencing a flood, the toxins from the flood water will burn inside your home. In addition, metal parts may rapidly deteriorate after exposure to water, causing gas leaks.

Our storefront has a wide-selection of gas logs that will fit your needs. Stop by or call us at 832-786-5399 today to learn more about replacing your gas logs.

Rebuilding Your Fireplace After Flooding

Safety is our primary concern during flooding as substantial as was brought with Harvey. Water can easily be contaminated and can be of enormous concern for fireplaces that were submerged under the floodwaters. In addition, structural damage and shifting are always a possibility, in which case danger is ahead if you start a fire with a potential carbon monoxide leak.

Any submerged fireplace or fireplace equipment must be replaced if it was submerged in water. It is too dangerous to risk it, and it is essential to address the fireplace damage head on to prevent further catastrophe.

We want to help you rebuild in your time of need. Please contact us today so that we can help our fellow Houstonians and Katy residents recover from this tragedy.

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