How Much Does a Fireplace Cost?

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These days, there are so many beautiful fireplace designs to choose from. You can choose between wood burning, electric, and gas fireplaces, or also a fireplace of any size to fit perfectly in any room.

While there’s no shortage of choice, what you do have to factor in is your budget. Fireplace costs vary significantly, so the real question remains: how much does a fireplace cost, and which one is best for you?

The Right Fireplace at the Right Cost

A fireplace can instantly add value, warmth and an inherent calming effect to any home. Additionally, it’s versatile! Install one in any room in your home, and add a romantic, comfortable, or altogether peaceful ambiance for the whole family to enjoy.

Tired of being cold all of the time in your roomy house?

Install a fireplace (or two, or three) and you’ll have the benefit of instant heat, day or night. No matter what your budget may be, there’s a fireplace for you. Here’s them overall costs of each one, broken down:

  • Electric fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are the most affordable option, only costing you a starting price of $700, and fairly easy to install. Keep in mind if you plan to use the heater for an electric, it will need a designated minimum 15 amp circuit ran with minimum 15 amps. A licensed electrician is highly recommending in running that electrical requirement. If a tight budget is the most important factor, the electric fireplace is a great choice.
  • Wood-burning fireplaces. Wood-burning logs are the most expensive, and can run a minimum of $5,000 for flu piping, fireplace unit and labor. There is also the possibility of being able to reuse your chimney pipe, which can cut the cost in half! They do require a professional to install the fireplace, but if you long for the crack-and- pop of a real fire, wood-burning fireplaces are the way to go. Consider it an investment: 40 percent of homebuyers said they would pay extra for a home if it had one.
  • Gas-burning fireplaces. Out of the 40 percent of homebuyers willing to pay extra for a fireplace, the majority said they would choose gas-burning fireplaces over a wood-burning one. If you choose a gas-burning fireplace, expect to pay around $2,000 for materials and $2,000 for installation. Just make sure to choose wisely who you instill your trust with installation, by contacting Westside Grill & Fireplace with all of your gas burning fireplace and installation questions!   

The Importance of Hiring a Fireplace Installation Professional

A professional fireplace installer will ensure you have the right fireplace for your size requirements, and they’ll inspect for any damage. Since you’re already investing in a beautiful fireplace, why not invest in a professional who will install your fireplace right the first time—and help you to avoid costly maintenance costs down the road?

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with hiring a professional who will design and install your fireplace safely and correctly the first time. It’s worth every penny! 

Westside Fireplace & Grill is celebrating 30 years of exceptional service, high quality and affordable prices to Houston homeowners. Our staff designs and installs beautiful fireplaces, and expertly answers any questions you have along the way.  Call us at 281-392- 5535 for more information today!

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