Custom Heating Solutions for Houston Homes

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While the Houston area enjoys mostly hot days and humid nights, the cooler season is upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about your outdoor heater solutions so that you can enjoy the outdoors even when it is chilly outside. Your outdoor space is a great place to gather with friends and family, and an outdoor heater can help you extend the time you can spend outdoors enjoying the space.

Westside Fireplace and Grill offers the best selection in outdoor heaters with options to match your style and the aesthetic of your outdoor living space. Some of our outdoor heating solutions include:

  • Propane heaters
  • Infrared heaters
  • Gas fire pits

No matter what you have in mind for how to enjoy your outdoor space during the fall and winter months, the outdoor heater experts at Westside Grill and Fireplace can help you design a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Outdoor Heaters, Houston

There are numerous questions that must be answered when thinking about installing a custom heating solution, but one of the most important questions to start with is: Do you have an electrical outlet? If not, you will most likely be looking at natural or propane gas heaters. For an electric heater, you must have a high-power outlet for the best results in firing up your heating during the cooler months.

The second most important question is about the space the heater will be located. If there are any ceiling restrictions or possible obstructions for the heater clearance, that will narrow down your search results.

Propane Heaters, Houston

Traditional propane heaters are popular and convenient, and are best for open areas such as commercial outdoor areas, decks and patios. These are not recommended for covered porches, as they can be dangerous in enclosed spaces.

Propane heaters are typically very versatile, easy to move and feature a wide-variety of designs to fit your taste and the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Gas Fire Pits

Gas fire pits are an extremely attractive option for Houston and Katy area homeowners as they have a very small footprint and emit the perfect amount of heat for those cold–but not freezing–Texas evenings. They use real frames and can transform your space by emerging as a focal point for your outdoor living area.

The benefits of outdoor gas fire pits are numerous, but they are best used for outdoor sitting areas, deck and patios. They are low-maintenance compared to the traditional, wood-burning fire pits. You can match the style of your outdoor living space, and there are even options to have a stylish rims that can serve as a resting place for drinks.

Your Houston Patio Heater Needs

Westside Grill and Fireplace has everything you need to warm up your outdoor living area with heaters built for longevity and designed with you in mind. Grab your family and friends and gather outdoors this fall with a heater from our showroom. Call us today at 832-786-5399  to see what kind of outdoor space we can help you design.

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