Prepare Your Fireplace for Winter: 3 Tips to (Safely!) Turn Up the Heat in Your Home

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Winter has arrived!  For many, that means it’s fireplace weather! Before you enjoy your open fire or wood burning stove, make sure you follow our 3-step winter fireplace guide. It’ll allow you to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a fire, without any of the hassle.

Schedule a Winter Maintenance Check

Even though winter is already here, it’s not too late to contact your local fireplace experts for a yearly fireplace maintenance check. Fireplace maintenance is incredibly important, for several reasons: it can prevent creosote build-up (the sticky black substance that forms when fire burns at a low temperature and sticks to chimneys and pipes), as well as ensure that your damper works correctly. In addition, a fireplace maintenance check can make sure  your firebox doesn’t have any missed mortar or cracked bricks.

Invest in a Fireplace Screen

Winter brings on more frequent fireplace activity—but no matter what time of the year you use yours, it’s essential to protect yourself with a screen. A fireplace screen is low-cost, and highly effective at protecting your carpet, furniture and loved ones from sparks (which can otherwise cause a fire). Simply place it in front of your fireplace, and you’ll produce the perfect amount of heat.

Choose Gas Logs For a Long Lasting, Low-Maintenance Fire  

Have you ever started a fire with a Duraflame log? These logs contain sawdust, wax and other binding agents which start a fire quickly, but can cause it to scale out-of-control. Not all wood is created equal for indoor fireplaces. If you’re looking for a low maintenance fire, skip prefabricated logs or even wood, and choose gas logs for a long lasting fire instead!  At Westside Grill & FIreplace, we offer our customers the best gas logs available. Authentic looking, and built to sustain heat up to 2,650 degrees (so say goodbye to breaking wood!), gas logs are an affordable and practical choice.

Rely on the Fireplace and Gas Log Repair Experts!

Enjoy your fireplace this winter—and have extra peace of mind when you follow our winter fireplace guide! Westside Grill and Fireplace prides itself on rebuilding Katy one flame at a time, and providing the Houston community with beautiful fireplaces and gas logs that fit their budget. All winter, you can enjoy gas logs in a variety of design, diagnostics and repair options.  

Your fireplace is the heart of your home, so contact us today and find out how you can upgrade in an affordable way!

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