Simple Steps to Preparing Your Outdoor Space for Fall

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As the summer heat begins to die down, a much cooler season is approaching slowly yet steadily. Fall is well on its way and with that, the changes in the weather will have a subtle effect on your backyard landscape. Preparation is key, and Westside Grill & Fireplace is all about making sure you have the backyard tools you need to enjoy each season to the fullest. It’s the perfect time to start considering what backyard additions would complete your perfect fall-inspired backyard getaway. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that your backyard space is ready for the fall and all that it brings.

Add a Warmer Element to the Yard

Fall is all about the warmer, more natural elements. Two ways to make this theme the center focus of your backyard is by installing a fireplace or outdoor fire pits. Not only are fireplaces great for spending quality time with friends and family, perfect for sipping hot cocoa or making s’mores, but they can actually increase the property value of your home. Westside Grill and Fireplace provides affordable fireplace installations that are custom fit for your backyard space, making for the perfect outdoor addition to your home.  Fireplaces are natural people magnets and both fireplaces and outdoor fire pits tend to bring the fun outdoors more often, especially during the cooler seasons.

Freshen Up the Outdoor Furniture

It might seem kind of purposeless to clean your outdoor furniture considering it is the most subject to getting dirty from the outdoor elements, but it is important to look for any mold, spider webs, and ants on your outdoor furniture before you begin to put it to use. The way in which your outdoor furniture is cleaned does depend on the materials the furniture is made out of, but you will always need to start by taking a dry cloth and rubbing the excess dirt away. From there, seek upkeep guidelines from the information packet that came with your furniture. If you are interested in replacements, feel free to contact Westside Grill about their Breezesta Patio Furniture. The Breezesta furniture comes with a lifetime warranty against color fading, splintering, rusting, and circumstances of the like, making for perfect new and long-lasting additions to your outdoor space.

Get a BBQ Grill Cover

By now, the leaves are nearing the end of their livelihood. The wind will begin to pick up and when that happens, your grill is wide open for various bugs, dust, and dirt to find its way in. The perfect time to invest in a grill cover is right before these seasonal changes take place. A Westside Grill and Fireplace BBQ grill cover will protect your grill from all the unnecessary build-up and once you decide to break it out again, you’ll have one less thing to worry about!

Westside Grill and Fireplace in Katy is the perfect one-stop-shop for all of your outdoor space necessities. This Fall, enjoy the outdoors in a new way by investing in outdoor additions and accessories that contribute to new, exciting outdoor memories with our fireplace and grill tools. If you want to get a jump start on making your outdoor space fall ready, contact us today for more information about our fireplaces, grills, and outdoor furniture.

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