Top 5 Must-Know Tips for Grill Safety

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Grilling season has finally arrived and with that, fun gatherings with friends and family are right around the corner! With all of the summer fun and food that comes with breaking out the grill, it’s important to make sure that you’re grilling safely, especially when there are others close by. Surprisingly, not a lot of people are aware of the precautionary steps that are good to take when grilling. We thought we would share with you our top 5 grilling tips that’ll have you grilling like the pro’s.

 Tip #1: Keep the Grill At Least 10 Feet Away from Your House

You want to try to keep the grill at a safe distance away from your home. The recommended distance is 10 feet. Ultimately, the goal is to just make sure that you have enough room around the pit so you can enjoy flipping your burgers or grilling your skews without rubbing elbows with any potentially flammable objects.

Tip #2: Open the Lid of the Grill and Check for Flammable Items

Insects and nests can find their way into the grill over time. If you have a grill cover, this can prevent bugs and small animals alike from getting into your grill. If you do not have a grill cover, make sure to do a quick check before you turn on the grill. It only takes a matter of minutes, maybe even seconds if you don’t have anything, but it prevents you from unintentionally cooking things that aren’t food.  

 Tip #3: Check the Tank and Propane System

Simply look for any visible damage and any leaking in the hose line. This ensures that as you grill, your tank should run smoothly.

To run a leak test, which is even more beneficial, all you will need is a mixture of 50% dish soap and 50% water. Simply brush the mixture around the joints of your system with a paint brush. Next, open your tank a quarter of a turn. This will charge the line and explicitly tell you if need to have your system tested by alerting you with bubbles. If you start to see bubbles forming on the joints of your system, you need to turn off the propane, disconnect the tank, and have the system serviced to make sure it is working properly. You can contact Westside Grill and Fireplace for this service since we offer to service all gas grills and and can replace parts on a majority of grills.

Tip #4: Allow the Grill 10-15 Minutes of Startup Time

While you’re waiting you can gather all your grill tools and make sure everything is easily accessible so you don’t have to keep coming in and out for tools and seasoning.  The amount of time you allow the grill to heat is also working to kill off any bacteria that has accumulated since its last use.

Tip #5: Oil and Brush the Grill

When the grill is hot, it is a lot easier to remove the debris and remnants of past BBQ’s. Before you allow any food to touch the grill, wet the grill brush and give it a quick scrape. Also, giving the grid an oil before and after cooking will help to minimize rust occurring over time.

Follow these top 5 tips for grill safety and enjoy your summer BBQ’s grilling like the best of the best. Kick back, have fun, stay safe, and feel free to contact Westside Grill and Fireplace for more grilling tips or information about our grills.

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