Fireplace Services, Katy

Fireplace Service & Diagnostic

WGF will service fireplaces for $180 plus tax. This includes an annual maintenance of your fireplace, clean the glass, diagnostic of any issues, and a return labor charge to install any special order or out of stock parts. Our service vans carry most commonly replaced fireplace parts. If a part needs to be ordered, we will provide a quote to you with in three business days after the diagnostic is completed. If any parts are needed, it will in addition to the $180 service call charge.

Fireplace Recondition & Basic Repair: $150, Labor Costs Only

Refreshing and reconditioning your fireplace is a great way to update the look of the interior of your home. Our basic package includes the labor for the reconditioning of your fireplace, but it does not include parts or materials. Our professionals are able to provide you with a host of fireplace repair and reconditioning services to make sure your fireplace looks as good as new. Our basic package includes:

  • Painting: Have you ever wanted to really transform your living space? Reconditioning your fireplace with new paint is one of the best ways to completely change the look of your home. Call Westside Grill & Fireplace today for all of your fireplace reconditioning needs!

  • Basic mortar: This includes removing any loose mortar from your fireplace and installing new, black mortar for you, which can help update the look of your fireplace.

  • Vacuuming: You don’t want a fireplace repair company to come in and leave a mess without cleaning up after themselves. At Westside Grill & Fireplace, we take care of all the clean up needs so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the new look of your fireplace.

Fireplace Recondition Add On: $75, Labor Costs Only

This fireplace repair service provides an additional service of a Primary Service Call, excluding re-trip charges. It does not include any parts or materials needed to get complete your fireplace recondition and repair.

Are you ready to update the look of your fireplace with a fireplace repair and recondition from Westside Grill & Fireplace? Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!

Fireplace Removal/Installation

Removal of Prefab Fireplace – WGF will remove the prefab fireplace and if possible reuse the chimney currently installed.

$300 if the fireplace is open, with minimal sheet rock removal needed and to the studs/framework. Hearth, fascia and mantel must be removed.  Demo work must be quoted. Demo work starts at $150 minimum additional cost.

Install New Fireplace Insert – Install and reframe if needed. Does not include finishing (sheetrock, tile, stone, etc.)

Min. labor charge starting at $200. Labor to be quoted for customer depending on new fireplace insert chosen and current frame work that may need restructuring.


B Vent/ Direct Vent Fireplace Removal/Installation

Service Call to diagnose if water got inside the fireplace. If signs of water is apparent to have reached the fireplace, service technician will take fireplace make/model and parts needed to be replaced. If there are signs of water, the pricing for removal above will apply.