Gas Logs Services, Katy

Gas Log Diagnostic, $120

Our gas log services in Katy include the labor costs for checking out the functionality of all components of your gas logs, while offering recommendations to ensure the gas logs are running at optimal efficiency.

Our premium gas log diagnostic services include the following:

  • Reviewing the overall condition of the gas logs
  • Checking and cleaning the gas log pilot to ensure the flame is smooth and strong in order to ignite the burner
  • If applicable, we will check the wiring at the wall switch to ensure it is functioning properly
  • If you have a remote system for your gas logs, we will be sure to check its overall functionality
  • Check the thermocouple and thermopile for proper operation and clean to remove any buildup that can occur on your gas logs
  • Check for proper voltage from thermopile and thermocouple, if needed
  • Ensure the burner for proper operation for your gas logs
  • Checking logs for proper placement and cleaning, if needed
  • Test operation of gas valve
  • Review the burner assembly

At Westside Grill & Fireplace, we stock universal thermocouples and thermopiles for most gas log systems. If we don’t have what is needed for your gas log service, we are able to get our hands on most replacement parts that may be needed. We can customize your gas log service to fit your needs!

Gas Log Repair, Katy

Our gas log repair services covering the labor costs start at $60, and includes returning to the home and installing parts as previously determined during a gas log diagnostic test run by our team of gas log professionals.

The labor needed is determined by our expert technicians who will review your particular gas log situation and offer a customized solution to fit the needs of you and your gas log system.

Are you ready to get started and have us look at your gas log system? Call us today at 832-786-5399 to see how we can help you maintain your gas log system!