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In 1987, a recently married couple Richard and Susan Booth began a small “weekend” business to supplement their income and help start their family. On the weekend they would solicit door to door relighting and repairing gaslights around the greater Houston area. They called their company “Affordable Gas Products”. The growth in their business was almost immediate. Every weekend, Richard and Susan would get many what they called “You Hoos”. Neighbors would approach them to repair their gas lights also….”You Hoo, can you fix my light next?” With the vision of providing excellent service and quality products, they soon opened up a small store on the 610 Loop and North Main in Houston. As their own family grew along with their retail business, Richard and Susan decided to make Katy their home for their family as well as their growing business by moving their store to Katy and changing the name to Westside Grill & Fireplace Inc..WGF views every customer as a neighbor and strives to offer them the highest of customer service.

Westside Grill & Fireplace takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and product knowledge.  The team at Westside Grill & Fireplace Inc. has over 100 years of experience in the Gas appliance and service industry.  Our employees have a passion for the business and the services they sell. They have a deep commitment to ensuring the customer purchases the product or service that meets their needs.