BBQ Grill Installations

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Patio Stub Out Connection - $120

  • Price does not include additional parts
  • We will connect your new Natural Gas Grill Quick Disconnect to your existing patio stub out.
  • If there is an existing valve on your stub out, we will test it and reuse it. If there is not an existing valve, you have to purchase a new cut off valve.
  • We will test the function of the grill before we leave and stage it. We will also discuss the “burn-in” process with you.
  • This also includes removing the old grill from location to dispose of. If the grill to be removed is currently “installed” as a permanent structure, additional fees will apply.

Post Mount Replacement - $200

  • If there is an existing post mount grill being replaced, we will dig out the old grill and cut the existing line.
  • If the gas line can be reused, we will connect new tubing to the existing, and reset your new post mount grill.
  • The installation will include concrete to secure the new grill in place.
  • We will check all connections and the function of the grill.
  • We will also discuss the “burn-in” process with you.
  • We will haul off the old post mount or cart model grill.