Gas Log Installation

  • $0.00

Gas Log Installation $120

  • Normal Installation of Gas Log within the WGF Service Area. 
  • Normal Gas Log install must have gas in firebox and operational, a clean firebox (no past wood fire remnants or old gas log set)
  • Pipe in firebox should be stubbed out no more than 1 1/2" (if longer than 1 1/2" an addtional charge will apply - PCT). 
  • This installation applies to all G45, G46 and G52 Real Fyre burner systems.

Return Trip Gas Log Installation $30

  • The most common example of use for this labor charge: WGF goes to customers home to install gas logs, the fireplace has pressure but does not have sufficient pressure to operate the gas logs properly.
  • We will recommend a plumber come to the house to check the pressures and blow out the line.

Pipe Cut $50

  • Pipe Cut in Fireplace - Cut pipe feeding gas to the fireplace down to proper length (approximately 2" from wall) for proper placement and function of fireplace products.