The Grate Tongs from GrilleGrate

The Grate Tongs from GrilleGrate

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Take your barbecue grilling to the next level with a revolutionary new grill tongs with triple prong design. If you or your love ones are passionate about their grill, this grilling tool is for you.

There is nothing worse than dropping or crushing food on the grill in the middle of a family barbecue. Now you've got to struggle with explaining ugly, mashed food to hungry guests (not fun!) Enter: GrillGrates Ultimate BBQ Tongs- the GrateTongs! Designed with a trident prong clamp to grip food for the perfect A+ flip, these tongs are used the world over by famous barbecue pit masters and award winning competition chefs.


1. Long 25" handle for grilling at a distance. Easy to grip, easy to use, easy to control.

2. Three pronged design flips food efficiently and effectively. No other grilling tongs on the market like it.

3. Equipped with a stainless steel exterior these tongs won't be needing a replacement anytime soon. Odds are it will outlast your grill by a country mile.

4. No clamps! This means no scraping, scratching, or mushing.

5. An incredible gift for any seasoned griller.