Le Griddle

  • $1,799.00

Authentic cooking on a French grill offers many advantages over traditional barbecue. The risk of burning food through direct contact with flames is eliminated as the risk of causing a forest fire. Moreover, Le Griddle reaches its optimum cooking temperature in less than 5 minutes. There is no need to extinguish or remove embers after cooking. According to that, the final cleaning takes around 2 minutes. Food like meat, fish, and vegetables is cooked on a slightly oiled griddle in order to keep all the flavor and nutritional properties. In a few words cooking on Le Griddle means healthier eating, a better respect of the environment and a faster and easier way to cook.


  • No dangerous carcinogens (no risks ingesting carbon)
  • No enamel = no migration of particles in foodstuffs No risk of excess charring
  • No contact with flames
  • Considerably reduced fat
  • Foods are seared and cook in their own juices
  • Respects the savory and preserves the taste of every foodstuffs


    • Homogenous heat distribution over the entire plate
    • Cook virtually anything: meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits and even deserts
    • Fasting preparation: optimal cooking temperature is reached in 5 minutes
    • No bags of coals to buy
    • Reduced gas consumption
    • Clean in 5 minutes