MHP W3G4DD Tri Burn Grill Head with Stainless Steel Shelves and SearMagic® Grids

  • $1,207.00
  • Save $93


  • 642 square inches of total cooking area
  • 35,000 BTU rated per-hour input
  • 5/16" 2-piece aluminum SearMagic® cooking grids
  • Stainless steel warming rack
  • High profile lid to handle all rotisserie functions, accommodating large cuts of meats and big Tom turkeys


  • Patented "H" Stainless Steel Dual Burners
  • FlavorMaster Porcelain Briquettes
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Sta-Kook Stainless Steel Handle
  • Built-In Heat Indicator
  • Thicker, solid cast aluminum housing
  • Kozy Coat™ high-temp powder-paint finish 
  • Includes large, extremely durable, FDA approved, and easy to clean stainless steel side shelves with built-in utensil holders.