Steak Champ The Ultimate Steak Thermometer

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  • SteakChamp 3-color
  • LED flashing signals
  • Degrees of doneness and suitable meat
  • The Activator
  • SteakChamp Battery

Plain and simple – success guaranteed for the perfect steak

Whether grill, pan or oven/broiler. Cooking the perfect steak has never been easier: medium rare, medium or medium well – the new SteakChamp 3-color now combines the three main degrees of doneness in one unique electronic LED probe.


  • Can be used on grills even at high temperatures (briefly up to 900°F/500°C).
  • Integral temperature measurement, i.e. the temperature of the core area is determined over the entire metal probe.
  • The ideal resting phase is electronically determined after cooking.
  • The ultimate steak thermometer “Made in Germany” is made of high quality stainless steel and can be used approx. 1,000-2,000 times when handled properly.
  • Flashing signals legend

    A 3-color LED flashing signal indicates which degree of doneness your steak has reached.

    ….FAST DOUBLE FLASHING SIGNAL ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••  ••
    ….Remove the steak from the heat at the fast double flashing signal. Let the steak
    ….rest until.the fast double flashing signal stops (approx. 3-6 minutes).
    grün .GREEN: medium rare (MR)
    .The steak is ‘medium rare’ when the green double flashing signal stops.
    gelb .YELLOW: medium (MED)
    .The steak is ‘medium’ when the yellow double flashing signal stops.
    rot .RED: medium well (MW)
    .The steak is ‘medium well’ when the red double flashing signal stops.

    Active signal (about every 8 sec.): 
After activating the SteakChamp flashes green briefly every 8 seconds. This green active signal is replaced by the fast green double flashing signal. If you continue cooking, the active signal is yellow. After the yellow double flashing signal the active signal changes to red.